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Pool openings and closings can be a lot of work! Our team of professionals will ensure your pool is properly opened and closed so you don't have to DIY.

Why hire Cal Pools instead of opening and closing your pool yourself?

Hiring professionals to open and close your pool is essential for several important reasons.
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Water Balance
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Safety Measures
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Time and Convenience
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Preventing Damage
  • Peace of Mind

Seasonal Closing and Opening Services We Offer

Fall Pool Closing Service

At Cal Pools, we understand that not every pool owner requires year-round maintenance. That’s why our Fall pool closing service is tailored for those who prefer to manage their pools independently but want to ensure a safe and worry-free winterization process. Our expert team steps in to safeguard your investment for the colder months. We carefully lower the water level to protect vulnerable tile and coping, expertly blow out and winterize the lines to prevent damage, clean the filter for a fresh start in the Spring, and remove fittings and accessories susceptible to winter temperatures. With the addition of winterizing chemicals to protect your pool’s surfaces, and the option to install your existing or new Winter safety cover, you can trust Cal Pools to close your pool with precision and peace of mind

Winterization Service

Prepare your pool for the cold months ahead with our professional winterization pool service. We understand the importance of protecting your pool from freezing temperatures and winter weather. Our skilled technicians will take care of every detail, from lowering the water level to safeguard vulnerable tiles and coping, to blowing out and winterizing lines to prevent freezing and cracking. We’ll also clean the filter, remove fittings and accessories that could be damaged by winter conditions, and add winterizing chemicals to preserve your pool’s surfaces. With our expertise, you can trust that your pool will be ready to weather the winter with ease, ensuring a smooth reopening when the warmer days return. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool is in capable hands with Cal Pools’ winterization service.

Spring Pool Service

Welcome the arrival of spring with our non-package pool opening service. The transition from winter to warmer weather requires special attention to ensure your pool is ready for a new season of enjoyment. Our dedicated team will carefully inspect and prepare your pool for reopening. This includes pressure washing your cover and surrounding debris, removing the cover, installation of necessary fittings, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, priming and starting equipment, adding appropriate chemicals, and brushing the walls and floor. Trust Cal Pools to make your spring pool opening a breeze, so you can dive into the season with confidence

Summer Pool Maintenance

Ensure your summer pool experience is great with Cal Pools’ top-tier summer pool service. The summer months are all about making the most of your pool, and we’re here to ensure that your pool remains in peak condition for endless enjoyment. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive weekly maintenance, covering everything from water chemistry adjustments and debris removal to equipment inspections and cleaning. We’ll keep your pool water sparkling clear and perfectly balanced, so you can relax and soak up the sun without worrying about maintenance hassles. With Cal Pools’ summer pool service, you’ll have more time to make lasting memories with family and friends in your pristine aquatic oasis. Dive into summer with confidence, knowing that your pool is in expert hands.

Entrusting the opening and closing of your pool to a team of professionals is a decision that pays off in numerous ways.

By safeguarding your investment, preventing potential damage, and guaranteeing water quality, our professional pool services offer peace of mind and convenience.

So, whether you're eagerly anticipating the start of the swimming season or preparing for the winter months, relying on Cal Pools to manage your pool's opening and closing is a smart choice that enhances your pool experience and allows you to fully enjoy your pool for years to come. Request a free quote and learn more about how we can help with your opening, closing and pool cover needs.

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